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  1. Photo a Day
  2. Done for the day.... not!
  3. South Texas Sunset
  4. Did someone call for a Super Hero? Here she is... SADIE
  5. Chicago Magazine Examples
  6. Add to the story
  7. Kaleigh's Shoot with David Long
  8. Retro Vintage Product Shoot
  9. Obession with the 30`s
  10. Cotton Gin Photo Shoot
  11. Amazing Kielah
  12. Kielah back in the Studio
  13. Jessica under the Bridge
  14. My photogenic jion
  15. Show us your Fourth Spirit
  16. Look Who Won a title?
  17. Austin Butler photoshoot (actor, Life UneXpected, Aliens in the attic, etc.
  18. Surena Valkyrie at After Dark Las Vegas
  19. Sad News Fellow Photographer Pass a Way
  20. Safari Summer Fun Photo Shoot
  21. Under Water Photo Shoot
  22. first photo shoot
  23. Spiderman Needs a Photog!