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Thread: How to Model at a workshop?

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    Thumbs up How to Model at a workshop?

    Model Calls happen as soon as a new workshop is posted and they are for the described type of model.

    Many have asked how to start modeling for a workshop and here is a sticky note to define this.

    Modeling for workshops are mostly FREE unless the budget needs many makeups artist then the models get the cost of it. The price is set to help all involved get some portfolio building photos to use on both sides of the makeup artist, model and photographer.

    If you are newly starting out, please state so...

    This is the instructions of to apply;

    Subject Title (name of workshop - your name)

    Intro sentence of who you and why you want to attend.

    Name of Model:
    Parents name if under 18:
    Phone Contact:
    Modeling Portfolio Link:
    or enclose four photos:
    Dates available:

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    Check out this video on YouTube:


    Marc Binder

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