1) Your Access Can Be Bann if Any members that continually ignore the following the rules listed below. Meaning they will no longer have access to the section in order to buy or sell any items.

2) MUST use Prefix before any title before listing

FS: = For Sale
FT: = For Trade
WTB: = Wanting To Buy

Once you've sold/found your items please edit the thread and use one of the following tags in the beginning of the thread title.


3) NO Price Policing
Price Policing in the Buy/Sell Section is prohibited. If a price seems too high on a particular item, either ignore it and move one or you can kindly PM the seller and mention that might be the case and let them be aware of it. Either way, calling out a member publicly is not tolerated.

4) Post a Price
All For Sale listings in this section MUST accompany an asking price for the item. If you are unsure of what you can get on an item simply set a price and add O.B.O. (Or Best Offer).

5) Specify if Local Sale
If its a Local Sale or Face to Face, specify as such. Otherwise, members will assume its available for shipping everywhere.

Example: FS: Nikon D100 (Houston Only)

6) No Auction Listings
No linking your eBay items here on the forum. If it's up for auction already then it is not allowed to be listed here.

7) All sold items are between you Seller and the Buyer. Onetalentsource will not be held liable

If you have any questions PM or a moderator.