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Thread: BLUE-5; Bluebonnet Workshop Photo Shoot 3/31/12 Brenham, TX

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    Default BLUE-5; Bluebonnet Workshop Photo Shoot 3/31/12 Brenham, TX

    Click on Photo to register as a Photographer to attend this Event;

    MArch 31, 2012; Bluebonnet Photography/Modeling Location Photo Shoot Workshop in Brenham, TX; 7:30AM - 10:30AM

    Photographer COST IS $40- Click Here

    BLUE-5 (Bluebonnet Photo Shoot)Photography/Modeling Location Workshop in Brenham, TX. This is the Fifth year doing this workshop photo shoot. Models will be there of all ages. Models will be wearing all type of attire. Many models will be seen wearing wedding dresses to add to your portfolio. We will all be shooting in the flowers

    Photographers are welcome to bring your own portable lighting. Mentor will be there to help with lighting tips, posing and any question you may have about your Camera and Lighting set up. Bring your own lights is optional. You do not need to have lighting to attend this workshop. Digital SLR Camera is a must. We welcome the Newbies Photographers to season Professional.

    Welcome to bring out a helper and your portable lighting reflectors and props. (Note this is optional)

    Sponsors are

    Models Attending:

    Alana Barratt
    Rebecca Castaneda
    Tristan Oliver Hare
    Maria Ramos
    Jade Torres
    Abby Williard
    Lucy Perales
    Madison Medina
    Sydney Chadbourne
    Rachel Gitomer
    Patricia, 8
    Jojo, 5
    Steven, 11
    Garrett, 10
    Maci Konen
    Cheyenne Bush
    Sparkle John
    Ali Davis
    Candi Zta
    Noemi Chavez
    Sadaf Lucero
    Cheyenne Bush
    Jacquelyn Stephens
    Robin Kuvent

    Photographers Attending:

    Michael Chang
    Andrea Creppel
    Kevin Blood
    Sharon McClung
    Tania Cantu
    Lori Heustess
    Andrew Heinsohn
    Amanda Hobbs
    John Peck
    Blanca Shakhshir
    Charles Richard
    Kimberlee Peterson
    Morris Griffin
    Tom Hosea
    Michael Johnson
    natali mercado
    Melissa Milligan
    Roger Hathorn
    John Kincaid
    Jon Winters
    Josie Winters

    Instruction to Register as a BLUE-5 Model

    Needing Models of all ages Male and Female
    Model Name:
    Please attach link to your online portfolio:
    Attach couple of pictures:
    Email Contact:
    Phone Contact:
    Parent Name:
    Name of Event: Blue 5

    For more up coming workshops click here

    Marc Binder

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    Default Blue 5

    Cheyenne and Jacquelyn are so excited to be joining you guys for the Blue 5 Workshop. I have sent their info to Robin as directed. May I bring a horse again?

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    Welcome aboard everyone.

    There is one more day to register for the Blue-5
    Flowers are out and the weather should be good.

    Photographers Register Here: http://www.thephotobinder.com/workshops/blue5.html
    Marc Binder

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    Marc Binder

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