Join us for the Sexy Shirt Photo Shoot Workshop on Sunday Feb 4, 2017 from 1PM to 4PM at Binder Gardens in a Large Studio Setup.

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This workshop is a great opportunity to shoot Models in Sexy Shirts with Studio lighting so you can learn how to set up studio lighting, learn to pose the models and get sexy shirt concept images. This workshop will be held at a venue in Needville TX. just 30 min from SW Houston.

MODELS: Shirts can be in white mens shirts, superhero t-shirts, College t-shirts, or Big Sweaters shirt. All models will be over 18 wearing shorts of some kind under the shirts. Makeup will be light and have two looks with hair. One down with light curls and one up in a back pony-tail. Most models have been ask and we will bring in a few new models and can be requested at

This workshops will have different studio lighting setups areas to shoot models.

Ideal for Serious amateur photographers, professional photographers, Freelance Photographers.

We will supply with all lighting and triggers for each location. Making this a fun and educational shoot with some unique props.


Must have Digital SLR Camera

This workshop is for all level Photographers. We have Mentors who can help with questions with your camera or lighting equipment. So if you just got your camera looking for some tips to get you in the right direction we can help.

Sunday Feb. 4, 2017; Sexy Shirt Photography Photo Shoot Workshop; Needville,TX.

Time from 1PM to 4PM at Binders Gardens Venue

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